Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha

Hey there! I am Abhi and I am a filmmaker. I was born on 6th September 1993 in Mumbai. I studied advertising and mass media in R D National College, Bandra and I was working as an independent filmmaker. From 2014 till 2019 I worked with various brands such as HUL, MTV, Kotak Bank, Tata Motors and many more to bring their vision into a video format. In 2017, I decided to leave a steady income aside and work on making videos that I feel passionately about. And that’s how Following Love was born. From 2017 till mid-2019 I used to make one video per week and release it on Facebook. From May 2019 I started the series 100 Reasons to Love India with my wife Niyu and that’s how most of you know me! 

Niyati Mavinkurve

Hey! I’m Niyu and by qualification, I am a Chartered Accountant. But I don’t identify myself as one anymore. I was born on 18th December 1990 in Mumbai and studied in N M College. After becoming a CA I realized that writing is my true passion and I started my freelance writing career. I write about travel and finance for various companies and that’s how we funded the project in the initial days. Apart from travel, I am a female captain planet and I feel deeply connected to all the environmental issues. Through our videos, we try to focus more on solutions and individual action that can make a difference in the world! 

Why “Following Love”?

To know more, watch our TedX talk over here