We are Abhi and Niyu. Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha and Niyati Mavinkurve. We are a married couple and we make real stories about everything we love!
We wanted to share positive news about India. We wanted to make solution based content about India. And we couldn’t find the same online. So we made our own project.
We consider our project as a post graduation for both of us. Just the way when you do a post graduation abroad there is no guarantee of success and yet you take that leap of faith, that’s what we are doing right now. We have given ourselves 100 chances to fail and 100 reasons for you to love what we are doing. Let’s see who wins.
We wanted our videos to have some consistency and we like to shoot against green backgrounds. Red looks great against green backgrounds. Our videos get downloaded and shared on WhatsApp all the time. A lot of times, they are re-uploaded on Facebook by different people and they rarely give credits to our page. At least by looking at the red shirt people will know it is our video. 
We make videos full time. If you are watching our videos on Facebook or YouTube, then we earn a little bit of money if you see an ad on a video. Apart from that we have our T shirts and other merchandise that you can buy and support us. If you don’t wish to buy anything and yet be our patron, our UPI id is ” abhiandniyu@upi “. We give special credits in the end of our next video as a token of our gratitude. 
Yes! Our first goal is to be honest to our audience. Please drop an email to work@following-love.com so that we can discuss your collab.
If you want to drop us a personal email or share your work you can email us at abhi@following-love.com. We read all emails but sometimes we can’t respond to all of them.
It depends on your work. We like to promote the talent that we like. But it is completely subjective. Shoutouts don’t take anybody further. Rather than trying to impress us, try to impress your audience so that it shares your art.